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Our Family

What Makes The Regan Team

a Great Place to Work


Senior management and sales partners get things done on time and meet or exceed expectations.

Structure and Clarity

The Regan Team is a high-performing team with clear goals and well-defined roles.


The work has personal significance to each sales partner.


The team believes their work is purposeful and positively impacts the greater good.

Psychological Safety

The Regan Team working environment is a place where everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions and ask judgment-free questions. Our culture allows managers to provide air cover and create safe zones so sales partners can let down their guard.

Trust and Transparency in Leadership

It starts with senior management's commitment to not compete for business with team members—99.9% of incoming leads are given to the Sale Partners. Sales Partners feel a high degree of trust and transparency. Disputes and disagreements are all but eliminated when the team leader isn’t cherry-picking leads.