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Not All Teams Are the Same. Not Even Close.

If you’re thinking of joining a real estate team, this is a must-read.

Adoption of the Management Empowered Team Business Model (MET)

Over the past several years, real estate industry thought leaders have uncovered a wide range of team trends, opportunities and disruptions. For the most part, the industry has treated these insights with disdain or denial, declaring that these challenges are nothing more than fads. It is time to take action or be left in the dust as industry-leading teams evolve into mature, well-designed businesses.

The revolution in real estate transactions, lead generation and consumer experience and expectations is sure to continue. The Regan Team model is nimble, constantly adopting new ideas, evolving and taking advantage of these challenges and changes in the industry.

“ Rare in the industry, the Team Leader has stepped into an executive role, eliminating competition for business with Sales Partners. Unique to The Regan Team, 99.9% of leads are distributed to Sales Partners. ”

Matthew Regan, CEO

This model allows team members to shift their focus from the individual to the strength of the team. It provides a path for the team to address the shortcomings of the traditional model by leveraging a set of universal business best practices and standards. It provides a road map that incorporates the team’s histories while also helping them successfully address current challenges and opportunities. Continued sustainable growth are measured by market share and profit, ensuring each individual sales partner’s success.