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Discover the exciting career of a real estate salesperson

Real estate is fast-paced and constantly evolving. It is an essential element in our country’s economy. Every hour of every day, in urban and rural areas across the country, registered real estate professionals negotiate thousands of real estate transactions. And, every deal is different.
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Skills You Need

Skills can be taught and learned. But, you will need some basic skills or abilities to build a successful real estate career. You will need to be able to do the following.


Do basic math (multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages).


Locate, read and understand legal documents involving property ownership.

Planning and Organization

Plan and organize business activities (e.g., getting listings, showing properties, handling offers and conducting negotiations) logically and efficiently.

Confidence and Persistence

Remain confident and adhere to your goals during challenging situations and setbacks.

Problem Solving

Address difficulties (e.g., dealing with conflicting interests of buyers and sellers) and arrive at plausible, practical solutions.

Computer Knowledge

Use a computer and other electronic devices, which are mainstays in today’s real estate brokerages.

English Language Comprehension and Proficiency

Understand English so you can correctly explain and/or draft agreements, listings and other related forms.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers (who usually have competing interests), and arrive at mutually agreeable terms.

Interview Techniques

Ask clients the right questions at the right time to determine their buying/selling needs.

People Skills

- Connect and establish a rapport with a variety of people for the purpose of attracting clients.
- Gain clients’ trust and respect.
- Take a genuine interest in clients’ well-being, including understanding their needs and wants.


Work independently—a career in real estate requires motivation, discipline and personal commitment.