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What we look for

We ask ourselves: Can we see ourselves working with this person for life?

Qualities we look for:

  • Looks the part
  • Smart and funny
  • Great sense of humour
  • Doesn’t take themselves too seriously
  • Willing to prospect
  • Has some sort of team background (e.g., big family, sports, etc.)
  • Above & Beyond attitude/qualities
  • Talented
  • Knows the local market
  • Communicates easily with people
  • Educated
  • Hobbies and interests that are people-oriented
  • Enthusiastic
  • Organized
  • Good with money
  • Strong personal relationships
Nancy Cormack

Senior Sales Partner

A few years back, I was thinking I needed a change. I was successfully working with a high-end team but had reached a ceiling....that I knew I could not break through.

My initial thought was I'd go it alone...but I know my limitations. I'm not well versed in social media marketing, I struggle with finding the time to set up much-needed systems and I quite simply, need help when I'm booking appointments back to back, paperwork. Just educated support.

Enter Matthew Regan team. They are like no other team. Their support is based on knowing exactly what I need before I need it, as they have been active successful realtors.

My clients are now managed in a well-organized database, I have support when I'm struggling with enough time in my day. Now, I can focus fully on attracting new business and servicing active business. Further to this, the Regan support team could see that I would be able to reach further with a personal licensed assistant, a partner, who they sourced and trained for me which has been a seamless transition for my business.

In short, my business has grown far beyond my expectations with the endless support and vast knowledge that the support partners of the Regan Team provide.